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Life is like riding a bike – it’s fun!

If someone would have told me when I started riding that 8 years from now you are going to travel the world and make a living from riding mountainbikes, I would probably have laughed and pedaled away.
But here I am traveling 150 days of the year with my bike as travel partner and life is not bad, but with second place in 2012 and 2013 Freeride Mountainbike World Tour. I am now feeling more ready than ever to take the next step.



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“I saw Martin for the first time at his first international competition in 2007 and straight away got impressed by his style and strong riding. I asked if he needed my help as manager, but I got turned down the 17 years old Swede wanted to handle everything himself. Now I am happy he changed his mind and we have had 4 successful years together. But the fact that he wants to do things himself and makes it happen hasn’t changed. And the fact that whatever bike you put in front of him he will shred it to pieces with his own magic style”

Tarek Rasouli, MTB Legend

Photo: Daniel Rönnbäck


Martin Söderström Invitational

It was a dream coming true

The 28th of September 2013 is a day I will remember for the rest of my life. A day where I could show 8 000 people in my hometown Uppsala what I have been doing around the world for the past 7 years and Martin Söderström Invitational was a success. But the fairytale doesn’t stop there a new year is here and as soon as
the competition was over I started thinking about how to make the show bigger and better for the crowd and partners. I can proudly say that Martin Söderström Invitational is one of the biggest extrem sport events in Northern Europe and its just getting better.


If you or your company would like to be part of the event or got an idea how to make it better you find me under contact.

Photo: Daniel Rönnbäck


It´s been a while since I got my first real mountainbike in 2002, a lot have changed since that day but not the fact that every time I ride I feel like home and only want to find ways to get better.


In 2002 I started riding like any other kid doing wheelies and skids. I have always been a competitive guy so even if I didnt know Freestyle Mountainbiking was a sport at the time I just constantly wanted to ride and get better.

In 2005 I entered my first contest and realized that I loved to show what I could do in front of a crowd. The competing didn’t affect me too much I just kept on riding and had as much fun as possible on my bike. In 2006 I made a video that was going to change my life completely. Because as the video was spreading over the internet I got my first invitation to an international competition. It was to Whitestyle in Leogang Austria. I had no idea what to expect when my mom dropped me off at Arlanda Airport with the bike bag in my hand. The whole weekend just felt unreal riding with all the pro riders that I had looked up to the past 6 years. Somehow I managed to make the best out of it and finish 4th.

Next contest was Vienna air king and still prettymuch in shock did I manage to grab 2nd place and the dream of riding a bike for a living was reality. Since then I have been trying to help the sport to grow with good attitude, style and some new tricks and I really hope I can do that for many more years to come.


“The first time I ever saw a picture of Martin Söderström riding, it was identifiable straight away as him. Now that may sound stupid, as how would you know it was him if it was the first time you´d seen him? But that is the magic with this young Swede´s riding, it is so clearly not like anyone else´s out there. I´ve since met him a few times and he´s always polite, always got time to chat, always has something to say and whenever there´s been daylight he´s been on a bike. It´s hard to know whether to refer to him as a man or a boy. Now aged 24, he´s at that moment in his life when the true transition tends to happen. But more importantly, he has the stacked accolades of a veteran rider but wrapped up in a boyish charm with a passion for riding that doesn’t seem to have altered one bit from the keen kid I imagine he used to be when he first started riding in 2002.”

Richard Cunynghame

Photo: Daniel Rönnbäck


• 2nd FMB World Tour overall
• 2nd Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx – Whistler, CAN
• 1st City8 Slopestyle – Quebec, CAN
• 1st Slopefest Alfta Bike Park – SWE
• 1st Colorado Freeride Festival Colorado – USA
• 1st Crankworx Whistler SpeedNStyle – CAN
• 1st Crankworx Les 2 Alpes SpeedNStyle
• 3rd Crankworx Les 2 Alpes, Les Deux Alpes – FRA
• 1st Adrenaline City Cup – Gothenberg, SWE
• 2nd Swatch Rocket Air Slopestyle – Thun, SUI
• 2nd Crankworx Whistler Pumptrack Challenge – CAN
• 2nd FMB World Tour 2012 overall
• 1st – Zurich, SUI
• 1st Rivella Rocket Air – Thun, SUI
• 2nd 26TRIX – Leogang, AUT
• 2nd Red Bull Joyride – Whistler, CAN
• 2nd Colorado Freeride Festival – Winter Park, USA

• 1st Slopestyle iXS Dirt Masters – Winterberg, GER
• 2nd Red Bull District Ride 2011 – Nuremberg, GER
• 5th FMB World Tour 2011 overall

Photo: Ale Di Lullo


Thanks a million without you none of this would have been possible!







Freestyle mountainbiking is growing rapidly around the world and is a very exciting and crowd friendly sport with in between 50 000100 000 spectators on most World Tour events. If you or your company would like to be associated with me and this sport or would like a spectacular show, exciting video/commercial or just want to say hi go to contact.

Photo: Daniel Rönnbäck

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